Beautiful Coastal Trail

The last day of exploration started in Cardiff. The first part of the day had us exploring Cardiff and particularly Cardiff Castle. Then in the afternoon, we changed our original plans and decided to head west to visit a place we skipped earlier: Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. It was a great decision and we got a beautiful hike along the ocean coast trail in Pembrokeshire National Park.

Part 7 — Cardiff & Pembrokeshire Coast


  • Millennium Stadium on River Taff

    Cardiff, Wales The morning started off by exploring Cardiff.

  • Castle Entrance

    Cardiff Castle, Cardiff Our final castle of the trip. This wasn't quite the same type of castle as others we've been in.

  • Inside Cardiff Castle

    Cardiff Castle, Cardiff The castle itself was much more open space than expected. The buildings themselves were much smaller in scope.

  • Castle Moat

    Cardiff Castle, Cardiff The main castle keep itself seemed pretty small, artificially elevated with a moat.

  • Castle

    Cardiff Castle, Cardiff The front view of the castle keep, or what remains of it anyway. We went inside and walked around a bit.

  • The Arab Room

    Cardiff Castle, Cardiff One of the fancier rooms in the castle lodgings. It's apparently called the Arab Room and it is richly decorated.

  • Clock Tower

    Cardiff Castle, Cardiff The elaborate clock tower of Cardiff Castle.

  • Millennium Stadium

    Cardiff, Wales A front view of the Millennium Stadium.

Pembrokeshire Coast Path

  • Along the Coastal Trail

    Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales From Cardiff, we drove further west to Portclais, Wales and took a short hike along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

  • Coastal Cliffs

    Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales The coastal trail was a scenic marvel, hugging the sea cliffs.

  • Beautiful Coastal Trail

    Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales Continuing to follow the trail and soaking in the scenery (and the sun).

  • Around a Bay

    Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales The trail swerved to go around a bay. We would go as far as the beach at the innermost part of the bay before turning back.

  • At the Rocky Beach

    Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales Taking a break at the rocky beach of the bay.

  • Back Over the Hill

    Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales We headed back to Portclais and got to take in the great scenery along the way back too.

  • Adventurous Climbers

    Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales Near Portclais we caught side of some adventurous folk apparently trying to climb some rather smooth looking cliff faces.

  • Porthclais Harbour

    Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales Back at the Portclais Harbour, this concludes our sightseeing.

And so that's end of the United Kingdom photos. The Pembrokeshire Coast Path hike was a great way to cap the trip.

Of course the trip wasn't fully over yet since we still had to get back to London to fly back home. There was one last night to spend in the UK, which we did in Oxford. We didn't have time to explore the famous university city, but the idea was that it was kind of halfway back to London and made a sensible stopping point. It made catching our flight the next day easier.

And so that ended our whirlwind tour of the United Kingdom. While I might not need to see any more cathedrals, I personally really liked the UK and its vibe and would visit again in the future to spend some more in-depth time there.

— END —

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