Historical Rocks

So we departed London. This time we headed west, towards Salisbury for more cathedrals. On the day's hit list was also world-famous Stonehenge and then the well-known city of Bath.

Part 6 — Stonehenge & Bath



  • First View

    Stonehenge, England The iconic circle of rocks. It's an odd sight first to see this ancient monument to the sun and stars standing in the landscape.

  • Historical Rocks

    Stonehenge, England The tour of Stonehenge provides a circular tour around the rocks.

  • Observing History

    Stonehenge, England Another view of Stonehenge with the circle of people around it.


  • Roman Baths

    Bath, England After Stonehenge, we went to Bath. As the city name implies, its known for its baths. In this case, this wasn't an actual bath but a museum of what was a Roman bath house.

  • Bath Abbey from Roman Baths

    Roman Baths, Bath At the Roman Baths, its open-air concept has great views of nearby Bath Abbey.

  • Lower Bath Level

    Roman Baths, Bath The waters of the baths. I'm not sure if this is bath-worthy water, but it's not used for that today. I guess this was the medieval equivalent of today's swimming pools.

  • Abbey Door

    Bath Abbey, Bath The Bath Abbey was right next to the Roman Baths, so that was the next destination. This was the last cathedral we would visit during this trip.

  • Stained Glass Windows

    Bath Abbey, Bath More grand architecture inside a cathedral, including a beautiful large display of stained glass windows.

  • Sunlit Abbey

    Bath Abbey, Bath A mix of history and modernity in the abbey. It's mostly traditional, but the TV displays are definitely a modern touch.

  • Artificial Waterfall

    Bath, England Wandering around Bath, we came across what looks like an artificial waterfall and river bed.

From Bath, we headed to Cardiff, Wales for the second time to stay the night. This time we had time to explore Cardiff and more.

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