Buckingham Palace

After the whirlwind tour through other parts of England, Scotland and Wales, we returned to the city of London for our cousin's wedding. We spent several days in London where we also took in some of the sights of this iconic city. We mostly focused on the touristy spots and made good use of the Tube to get around. Taking the Tube was actually quite fine, especially compared to taking the TTC (Toronto transit).

Part 5 — London

  • Trafalgar Sqaure

    London, England In London, we went to many of the well-known landmarks, starting with Trafalgar Square. It's a pretty grand open space in the city.

  • Horse Guard

    London, England At the horse guards by Whitehall. The sign is cut off, but the gist of the warning comes across with the words "kick" and "bite".

  • Palace of Westminster from Behind

    London, England Exploring London by foot, we come upon the Palace of Westminster.

  • London Eye

    London, England The iconic River Thames and the London Eye.

  • Palace of Westminster

    London, England The classic view of the Palace of Westminster.

  • Westminster Abbey

    London, England While we're in the area, we also took in the sight of Westminster Abbey.

  • Wesminster Station

    London, England The London Underground (aka Tube) was our mode of transportation in London. Here at Westminster Station, on to the next part of London.

  • Tower Bridge

    London, England Another famous London landmark - the Tower Bridge. Here viewed from another bridge over the River Thames.

  • Sights of River Thames

    London, England The Tower Bridge and London City Hall.

  • British Museum Entrance

    British Museum, London A visit to the British Museum the next day. One of the best museums I've ever visited - large in scope and interesting exhibits.

  • Royal Coat of Arms

    Buckingham Palace, London Continuing our tour of iconic landmarks, next stop was Buckingham Palace for the palace tour. Here, the royal coat of arms is intricately guarding the gates to the palace.

  • Buckingham Palace

    Buckingham Palace, London Outside of Buckingham Palace, we join many other tourists.

  • Victoria Memorial

    Buckingham Palace, London The palace itself wasn't the only attraction. The Victoria Memorial is another landmark.

  • Canary Wharf Station

    London, England After the Buckingham Palace tour, we went over to Canary Wharf and Greenwich.

  • Prime Meridian

    Greenwich, London The silver line on the ground marks the Prime Meridian.

  • Straddling the Prime Meridian

    Greenwich, London The Prime Meridian, longitude 0, is the vertical line.

  • Canary Wharf Skyline

    Greenwich, London From Greenwich, a view of the modern skyscrapers of Canary Wharf. Although this was not a new sight, this has not been a common sight throughout the UK.

  • The Tower of London

    Tower of London, London On a rainy London day, we spent some time exploring the Tower of London.

  • Surrounded

    London, England More exploration of London. The feel of this street was unique. The gapless buildings gave a really urban feeling.

London wasn't just touring of course since we spent quality time with family and cousins. We also saw the Lion King in London's West End.

After several days in London, it was nearing the end of our trip. But it wasn't over just yet as we still had two days, so of course there were several places to visit. We rented another car (the first was returned when we arrived back in London a few days before since the Tube was the choice of transportation in the city) and off we went.

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