Llyn Llydaw & Miner's Track

Up next was Wales and Snowdonia National Park where we were hiking up to Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales. It was a huge change in scenery compared to the cities we've been visiting, notwithstanding the sunny blue skies on that day.

The hike up to the summit of Mount Snowdon was clearly popular. It wasn't too gruelling, although I recall having a little fall on one of the wet sections. I wasn't worse for wear though and made it to the summit okay.

Part 4 — Mount Snowdon

PYG Track

  • Starting on PYG Track

    Snowdonia National Park, Wales PYG Track is the name of a hiking route to Snowdon and it was the trail we used to go up Snowdon. Starting point here.

  • On the Trail

    Snowdonia National Park, Wales The first part of the trail was relatively flat. Snowdon in the distance.

  • The Path Taken So Far

    Snowdonia National Park, Wales Great views of the park opened up soon after the starting point. This is looking back towards the starting point, with the highway still visible.

  • Llyn Llydaw & Miner's Track

    Snowdonia National Park, Wales The lake named Llyn Llydaw. The Miner's Track trail is also visible here, which is another path to the summit.

  • Towards Glaslyn

    Snowdonia National Park, Wales Glaslyn is the lake in the distance and it sits under the summit of Snowdon. Closing in on the home stretch to the summit here.

  • Glaslyn & Llyn Llydaw

    Snowdonia National Park, Wales View of the two lakes during the final leg of ascent to the summit.

  • Snowdon Mountain Railway

    Snowdonia National Park, Wales There's a train that runs to the Snowdon Summit. It's a special type of train because of the steep gradients that it has to traverse.

  • Western Summit View

    Snowdonia National Park, Wales The view from the Snowdon summit, looking at the train station. The coast and ocean is also visible in the far distance.

  • Eastern Summit View

    Snowdonia National Park, Wales From just under the summit, the PYG Track trail is visible, as our several others. A couple sheep are also taking in the sights.

  • Down from the Summit

    Snowdonia National Park, Wales Looking back up at the summit point. It was less crowded here and the views almost as good.

  • Snowdon Mountain Railway

    Snowdonia National Park, Wales About to head back down as another train brings more visitors to the summit.

  • Looking Down at Two Lakes

    Snowdonia National Park, Wales One final look down from near the summit at the trails and lakes.

Mount Snowdon was a great hike. In the original itinerary, the plan was to visit Pembrokeshire Coast National Park next but the timing didn't work. Instead of trying to push the limits of time, we deviated from plan again and headed straight to Cardiff, where we packed it in for the night. Cardiff was really just a pit stop back to London, which was the next leg of the trip (including the wedding).

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