Derwenter Water

After our brief stay in Scotland, it was time to head back south but this time along the western edge of England. The next phase of the trip would take us through the Lake Distrct and onto Manchester and Liverpool.

This was also where we had to deviate from the original plans from the trip. More on that in a bit, but the first stop was the Lake District (part of the plan).

Part 3 — Northwestern England

Lake Distrct

  • Town of Keswick

    Keswick, England Heading down along the western side of England, we passed through the Lake District and stopped in Keswick for a short while.

  • Canoes at Derwenter Water

    Keswick, England The English have a different way of naming stuff. This lake is called Derwenter Water - it just doesn't sound like a lake? Something to get used to.

  • Derwenter Water

    Keswick, England Derwenter Water on a nice sunny day.

The original plan after the Lake Distrct was to head to Yorkshire Dales National Park. Unfortunately we were forced to deviate from this plan because we got a flat tire along the way. It was along a stretch of road where there was a stone wall on the left side. One of the thing about roads, especially off the major highways, is that they can be narrow.

So with that happening, we managed to get road side assistance to change the flat tire to our spare. Then we changed plans to head straight to Manchester to get the tire fully replaced. One of the conditions of the spare tire was that we could not drive at highway speeds, so we took the scenic route to Manchester. This was an unexpected turn of events, but in the end we made it through to Manchester.


After spending the night in Manchester, the top priority was to get the tire fixed so that we could continue our country tour. In particular, I wanted to prevent any schedule slippage that would require rebooking a lot of things (accomodation mostly). I spent the morning looking for an auto shop who could replace the tire (and had the necessary tires in stock) while my siblings spent time at the Museum of Science and Technology.

It took two tries to find an auto shop who could do it. I learned something about tires along the way (how to identify their type). I should also mention that we were quite lucky on the monetary side of things because I had decided to buy flat tire insurance when we rented the car. I'm not sure if I was being prescient, but this insurance was totally worth it given the cost of replacing the flat tire.

  • Museum of Science and Industry

    Manchester, England In Manchester, the MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) showcases the city in its Industrial Revolution heyday.

  • Manchester Town Hall

    Manchester, England One of the eye-catching landmarks in Manchester, the neo-Gothic town hall.

  • Red Brick Buildings

    Manchester, England Wandering the streets of Manchester, we came across this street that was fully surrounded on both sides by tall red-brick buildings.

  • Old Trafford

    Manchester, England I'm not much of a soccer (or football, if you prefer) fan but we visited the place where Manchester United played at home.


  • Wind Turbines

    Liverpool, England From Manchester, we jumped over to Liverpool. The weather wasn't cooperating much, but we toured around the harbour area. Here, we found some wind turbines by Echo Arena.

  • Liverpool Docks

    Liverpool, England Like Manchester, Liverpool had its share of the intriguing mix of modern and old.

In keeping with the theme of scheduling a lot in one day, we were not staying the night in Liverpool. Instead, in preparation for the next day's major hike, we drove to Snowdonia National Park where we were staying at a hostel. Needless to say, we arrived there pretty late and tried to get to sleep as soon as possible.

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