Trails from Above

The next part was to head up north to Scotland. We left Newcastle upon Tyne early in the morning, headed towards our first stop at Hadrian's Wall (in England). It was a nice hike but really not much of a wall to see.

Then we arrived in Edinburgh not too long after and took in the main sights (the castle and area). We finished the day with another hike up to Arthur's Seat, which had great views of the castle and city. It was a long but successful day, hitting all of the major sights.

Part 2 — Hadrian's Wall & Edinburgh

  • Towards Hadrian's Wall

    England Heading further north and a bit west to intersect with Hadrian's Wall. Having fun driving fun on the left side of the road.

Hadrian's Wall

  • Sheep

    Hadrian's Wall, England Lots of sheep pastures around the area. Here are two sheep casually hanging out. They seem to be marked (the blue paint).

  • Towards A Hill

    Hadrian's Wall, England The wall - or the remnants of it - were more underwhelming than expected. Nevertheless the hike was interesting that follows it.

  • Ladder Gate

    Hadrian's Wall, England The trail passes through "gates" to cross remnants of the walls or forts.

  • Wall Through the Countryside

    Hadrian's Wall, England Continuing to follow the wall. It continues off into the distance.

  • Remains of a Fort

    Hadrian's Wall, England We discovered new things as we crested each hill. In this case, what looks like the foundation of a fort.

  • Signature Tree

    Hadrian's Wall, England A particularly scenic "valley" along the trail. A lonesome tree marks the spot. We took in the spot for some time, then headed back towards the car.

  • Running Sheep

    Hadrian's Wall, England More sheep enjoying the outdoors.


Arriving in the capital of Scotland, it had a different feel than all of the towns that we had visited so far. It was much more bustling and clearly just a bigger place. One also got a sense of tremendous history here with the buildings around, not to mention the giant castle.

  • Architecture

    Edinburgh, Scotland Arrival in Edinburgh and one look at the buildings suggest a deep history. Heading towards the castle.

  • City View

    Edinburgh Castle, Scotland A view of the city of Edinburgh from the castle.

  • City of Edinburgh from the Castle

    Edinburgh Castle, Scotland A panorama of Edinburgh from one of the towers in the castle.

  • St. Giles Cathedral

    Edinburgh, Scotland Churches and cathedrals come in all shapes and sizes in the UK and Edinburgh is no exception.

  • Scottish Parliament Building

    Edinburgh, Scotland This is the Scottish Parliament Building. Not what I expected with its obviously modern tilt. In some ways, its quite jarring compared to everything else in Edinburgh.

  • Palace of Holyroodhouse

    Edinburgh, Scotland The Queen's residence when she's in Scotland.

Arthur's Seat

  • Scottish Parliament

    Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh Heading up to Arthur's Seat means better views of the city and in this case, of the Scottish Parliament Building.

  • Edinburgh Castle

    Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh From the Arthur's Seat trail, a clear view to Edinburgh Castle.

  • A Climb To Go

    Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh The hike went up and down then back up. This is before the real upward path to Arthur's Seat.

  • Trails from Above

    Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh A lookback at the trail so far, with Edinburgh Castle in the background.

  • Edinburgh Castle from Arthur's Seat

    Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh Atop Arthur's Seat, we clearly look down towards the castle and the rest of the city.

  • Arthur's Seat Summit

    Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh Arthur's Seat itself, at the summit.

  • Descent View

    Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh Heading down from Arthur's Seat along a different trail with a different view of the city.

This day was full of walking so we were pretty exhausted by the end of it. We stayed the night in Edinburgh.

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