Long-Distance Tranmission at Sunset

The final leg of the trip left us with a day in Las Vegas before completing the loop back to Los Angeles.

Part 5 — Las Vegas (again) & Los Angeles

Las Vegas

  • Giant Garden in Bellagio

    Las Vegas, Nevada Back in Vegas, more exploration of the elaborate establishments of the Strip. Here, inside the Bellagio, there's a garden filled with gigantic versions of things you may find in a garden. They're made up of plants and what not, arranged pretty creatively.

  • The Bellagio

    Las Vegas, Nevada The exterior of the Bellagio. At night, there's a coordinated musical water fountain show.

  • Mini Eiffel Tower

    Las Vegas, Nevada One of the more extravagant creations: a mini Eiffel Tower, complete with a restaurant.

  • Long-Distance Tranmission at Sunset

    California After enjoying some final time in Las Vegas, we left to return to Los Angeles for the last leg of the trip.

Los Angeles

  • Beach Surf

    Los Angeles, California Beaches, as you would expect in Los Angeles.

  • Getty Museum

    Getty Museum, Los Angeles One of the places we visited was the architecturally interesting Getty Museum.

  • The Hollywood Sign

    Los Angeles, California The iconic sign in the distance.

  • The Chinese Theater

    Los Angeles, California As part of the standard tour of LA, we also visited the Chinese Theater where the stars of Hollywood gather.

Going Home

  • Passing over a Great Lake

    In the air, Somewhere over the Great Lakes Almost home. Getting close to Toronto, with the farmland the dots the landscape visible after crossing one of the Great Lakes.

Having completed our whirlwind tour of Los Angeles-San Francisco-Las Vegas, it was time to return home and finally settle down. I would end up revisiting many of these places in the future - California is quite a nice state to visit!

As it turns out, I didn't exactly settle down after this trip either. I went on another trip to the Canadian Rockies before finally starting work, so this wasn't exactly the end of my travels for this summer.

— END —

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