Golden Gate Bridge

As seems to be a common tradition, this was a trip after four years of studying and what not in school. So after completing the final set of exams of my undergraduate degree, a couple friends and I headed out the south-western United States, hitting up the triangle of Los Angeles-San Francisco-Las Vegas.

First stop was Los Angeles, but we immediately headed out towards San Francisco via the scenic Pacific Coast Highway. There was a lot of driving on this trip and it started pretty much right away.

Part 1 — San Francisco

  • Aerial View on Route to LA

    In the air, Somewhere over the U.S. I always try to get a window set on the plane so that I can see what I'm flying over. It's always fascinating to look out, even if it's just the clouds. In this case, a view on the way to Los Angeles. Not entirely sure where the plane was at the time.

  • Pacific Coast Highway

    Pacific Coast Highway, California After landing in Los Angeles, first stop was up the coast on the way to San Francisco. The drive along the Pacific Coast Highway was superb, even though we encountered heavy fog at night (that made it even more interesting in a hang-on-to-something way).

  • Foggy Golden Gate

    San Francisco, California One of the first sightings of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. The fogginess of San Francisco was also evident this day.

  • Alcatraz Prison

    San Francisco, California One of our tourist destinations: Alcatraz Prison. Taken on the ferry that took us to the island.

  • The Hills of San Francisco

    San Francisco, California San Francisco's trademark hilliness is clearly visible from Alcatraz Island.

  • Golden Span

    San Francisco, California On the other end of the Golden Gate Bridge, looking back towards San Francisco. Next stop is that hill on the other side of the highway to get another view.

  • Golden Gate Bridge

    San Francisco, California A classic view of the bridge, looking towards the San Francisco side.

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