Angel Closeup

The day of arrival. The train began entering the Rockies in the early afternoon and arrived in Jasper by late afternoon. And so the next phase of my trip would begin.

Day 3 — Arrival in Jasper & Angel Glacier

  • Rockies First Sight

    Via Train, Alberta The first sign of the Rockies. It was time to prepare for the end of the train journey and the start of the real trip.

  • Rising Rockies Giant

    Via Train, Alberta As the train weaved its way through, the mountains came closer and it was a treat to take the detail in. Train rides through the Rockies are highly recommended!

  • Cruising to Mt. Edith Cavell

    Mt. Edith Cavell, Jasper National Park What a stylish car I got for my trip! Not only was it a PT Cruiser, it was red.

So the train arrived in Jasper. I remember thinking "here I go", holding my breath in anticipation as I stepped off the train. Everything was basically provided for on the train, and while I was certainly not in the middle of nowhere, I was more alone at this time than at any point of the trip so far.

But I had thought about this ahead of time and had a plan for the things that I needed to do when I got off. After getting my bearings, I picked up my rental car, which as you can see above was a particularly "stylish" vehicle.

As you may imagine, I was quite excited to get going, but I ran into a surprise when getting my car. To my embarassment and panic, my credit card wouldn't go through. I don't recall all of the details now, but I had to call the credit card issuer and get my credit limit increased to make things work. The whole ordeal was not quite the start I envisioned. Nevertheless, I made it past that and was on my way to my first trailhead nearby - Angel Glacier.

Angel Glacier

  • Mt. Edith Cavell and Angel Glacier

    Mt. Edith Cavell, Jasper National Park Hike #1: Mt. Edith Cavell's Angel Glacier. I had departed the train, got my rental car and what not, then headed out to this first short hike. Angel Glacier is relatively small for a glacier and is visible on the right.

  • Angel Closeup

    Mt. Edith Cavell, Jasper National Park Playing with my SLR, a close-up of the Angel Glacier. Scale is hard to appreciate here, but it's almost certainly bigger than it looks.

  • Footprints up High

    Mt. Edith Cavell, Jasper National Park This is way up on the face of the mountain - some kind of mountain-climbing animal?

  • Cairn

    Mt. Edith Cavell, Jasper National Park Cairn markers. Sometimes these are all that can be used to find the trail (as I'll get to experience on later hikes).

  • Mt. Edith Cavell Lake

    Mt. Edith Cavell, Jasper National Park The icy lake was impressive, if not only because this was at the end of June.

First night in Jasper

  • Home in Jasper

    Jasper, Jasper National Park Whistlers is where I was staying in Jasper. And the mountain behind should be Whistler's Mountain, which I'll visit later (you can see the tram station near its summit at the top-right).

This is what I told myself at the end of the day: I survived my first (half) day! Things had pretty much gone according to plan so far, which provided a boost of confidence. I found some food, toured a bit of the town and settled down to rest for a full day tomorrow.

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