Daly Glacier and Waputik Icefield

The next day was my only venture into Yoho National Park, for the Iceline trail. I didn't know exactly what to expect on this one, other than that it would be another day-long hike.

It turns out this one was one of the most challenging hike of the trip, which was fitting since it was the last major hike I'll take on this trip. The photos will tell the story, but let's just say there was way more snow than I thought possible at this time of year.

Day 10 — Iceline

  • Spiral Tunnels

    Trans-Canada Highway, Yoho National Park Along the way to Yoho National Park, the Trans-Canada Highway goes through a significant elevation change in a relatively short distance. Likewise, the trains also need to do the same. To manage the elevation change, there are two spiral tunnels that loop back on themselves. This is one of the two spiral tunnels. The entrance and exit of the same tunnel is visible in this one shot. And that's one train.


  • Towards Iceline Trailhead

    Iceline, Yoho National Park Heading the Iceline Trailhead, with the distinctive Wapta Mountain in the distance.

  • Daly Glacier and Takakkaw Falls

    Iceline, Yoho National Park The source of Takakkaw Falls is visible here. The Daly Glacier, which is part of the larger Waputik Icefield sources the waterfall.

  • Snow Trekking along Iceline

    Iceline, Yoho National Park The Iceline trail turns completely into snow. Cairns are visible though, which must've been put there by someone as its rather convenient of them to be not covered by the snow. I continue along the trail, sloughing through the snow. I wasn't really equipped to go through snow, but I used my hiking poles for what they're worth. Snow would get into my boots too, but my wool socks keep me comfortable for now.

  • Snowy Iceline Route

    Iceline, Yoho National Park Following the cairns through the snow. At times, some steps sink further into the snow than I expect.

  • Glacier Along Iceline

    Iceline, Yoho National Park A glacier descending along the face of the President/Vice-President mountains.

  • Daly Glacier and Waputik Icefield

    Iceline, Yoho National Park From a higher vantage point on the trail, more of Daly Glacier and parts of the Waputik Icefield are visible.

  • Snow Streams

    Iceline, Yoho National Park Atop a ridge, the snow-covered area has features that look like streams. Probably they are actually streams, running underneath.

  • Iceline Trail

    Iceline, Yoho National Park A panoramic view of the Iceline Trail. The trail is snow-covered in all directions, but I've followed the cairns to this point. And of course there's a great view across the Yoho Valley.

  • A Survey of the Area

    Iceline, Yoho National Park Surveying the area from the rest area, I try to find the route (on the left-hand side) while admiring the view of the peaks bracing the Yoho Valley.

  • Onwards on Iceline

    Iceline, Yoho National Park From where I was resting, the trail seems to start its descent. I don't know where the trail exactly goes, but the cairns have been reliable so far.

  • Getting Lost on Iceline

    Iceline, Yoho National Park After descending from the higher elevations of the Iceline Trail, I made a wrong turn somewhere and ended up going in the opposite direction than I should've. I think this is where I wasn't supposed to go. Eventually this didn't seem to be going where I thought it should be; the trail should've been following the Little Yoho River to the Yoho Valley, but clearly this didn't look like it went that way. I consulted my topographic map in an attempt to orient myself. I decided to retrace my steps.

  • Laughing Falls

    Iceline, Yoho National Park Reaching Laughing Falls was a milestone because the remaining leg of the trail was just a straight path along the Yoho Valley.

  • Yoho River and its Source

    Iceline, Yoho National Park A view of the distant Yoho Glacier, which sources the Yoho River.

Takakkaw Falls

  • Takakkaw Falls Close-Up

    Takakkaw Falls, Yoho National Park After the Iceline Trail, I spend a bit more energy to take a closer look at Takakkaw Falls.

  • From Takakkaw Falls

    Takakkaw Falls, Yoho National Park A final look at Wapta Mountain, as I follow the river from Takakkaw Falls back to the parking lot.

I was exhausted when I got back to the parking lot. It was quite a memorable experience, hiking through all of that snow. Trekking through snow took so much more energy, as it just got in the way and weighed me down.

I headed back to Banff, tired but fulfilled. It was going to be my last night in Banff and second-last night in the parks, so things were winding down.

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